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Embed Video Script for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Support embedding video for mobile devices: Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Toch

Support embedding video for mobile devices:

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Toch

New JavaScript Multi-Embed script provide support of embedding video for different devices including Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also we added support of embedding OGG Theora encoded videos for FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

Read More about Mult-Embed Technologie

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Sonettic-Cinema is a powerful flash video player that supports ads, playlists and JavaScript API. It has innovative design, professional architecture and flexible configuration.

This is more than just another flash video player. Sonettic-Cinema is a complex set of different tools and applications. It's javascript front-end scripts and important server-side applications for easy deploying of Sonettic-Cinema with PHP, Python or Java-based projects.

We improve our solutions every day to approach goals of your business.

Latest wishes

  1. a Changelog   November 04, 2009
  2. Advertising System   October 14, 2009
  3. Support of ClickandBuy payment system   May 06, 2009
  4. Cover/Poster update by Simple API   April 09, 2009
  5. Sliding covers   April 09, 2009

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If you represent educational or non-profit organization, you are welcome to send an email to (email). Please include a brief description of your project or company. Links will be helpful. We will be more than happy to send you any of our products.

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